What is colon hydrotherapy?

It is the gentle infusion of your large intestine with warm water.

There are several ways you can do this. The most common home based practise is giving yourself an enema.

This is a good step in the right direction. However the fills are limited by the structure of your colon and built-up and the nature of the whole set-up.

Then there are “open system” where you receive an “enema” or colonic in a professional setting. A more effective choice.

Third option is being “hooked up to a closed system. This involves again watering the toxic garden of your inner flora but this time there are 2 different hoses connected on the outside part of the speculum, which has been inserted.

One hose is for clean water slowly flowing in, the other, bigger hose is for the waste to come out. You will be able to see what leaves you, not smell it.

I have found the closed system the most consistent and effective way to bathe the colon, with fills saturating the whole length of the encrusted colon wall.

This is the only system in use at my office.

Is this a closed system?


Would not have it any other way.

Why would I do this?

Why shower?

-long pause-

If you think about it…we are so clean with our outside body. And so neglectful of the inside body.

Yet the colon is the organ doing the dirties job. It was designed that way.

But it was not designed for fast eating, processed food, hardly any veggies, long periods of sitting and high stress levels.

The distortion of the intestines through gas giving eating habits, consumption of processed foods and high amounts of debilitating sugar has left many pounds of highly inflammatory residue layering the colon wall, in addition to creating pockets of accumulation.

All that sludge turns into a seeping sewage that affects the bloodstream and therefore every cell of your body. Not only that, even the emotional body is highly affected by it and depends on a clear channel of elimination to flow properly through a system and not get stuck in it.

With all that toxic layering and thinning of the porous colon wall through many pounds of fecal matter sitting there for years, would it not make sense to give your colon gentle showers or saturating baths to soften the hardened surfaces, layer by layer and help it move out.

It sure does not belong in you more than 24 at a time after each meal.

What is the cost?

Is it painful?

Only when you have eaten in a way that produces gas.

Please follow advice to start combining your foods in a way they will not make you gassy. Read more below, or go Viagra online bestellen ohne rezept per nachnahmeCialis tabletten ohne rezeptCiprofloxacin 500 kaufen ohne rezeptMotilium online bestellen here on that topic.

How big is that speculum?

It is about the size of a big thumb.

I lubricate it with skin friendly massage oils of apricot and almond oils, place it and you will guide it in.

I heard it takes away the good flora too?

(gotta love this question)

My skin has been breaking out for years. Does this help?

Why I won’t see you for one session only (unless you are a colonic-nut travelling)?


How to prepare for colon hydrotherapy?

There are many ways you can prep for a series of detoxifying colonics.

If you are not on some juice, raw food, herbal or other cleanse already, sticking to a wholesome diet can be the ticket.

Drink PLENTY of water before you eat is #1.

A Gallon a day keeps the doctors away.

Substituting breakfast with a coconut shake is an option.

Made from young coconut meat, -water, spirulina, lime, 1 date is an all protein and micronutrient meal and one of my favorite ways to start the day.

Avoid beans and lentils. They are gas givers, which you do not want to create,  especially during colonics. It is the one thing making colon hydrotherapy an uncomfortable experience. Gas is trapped in your digestive tract and has no way to escape. Add water and you have the obstacle, air, clashing with it like a brick wall with nowhere to go – but  out at some point. Until then it is no fun.

So stay away from those beans. Start to combine your foods in a way they digest completely. Have your protein at a different mealtime from your carbs and eat both with plenty of veggies. Eat fruit separate or before your meals. This is called proper food combining. That way foods will produce no gas, aka complete digestive break-down ergo complete nutrition absorption.